IOScope for iPhone OS devices brings two-channel transfer function and impulse response analysis to the iPhone. IOScope offers tools for work in areas such as acoustics, audio, electronics, and vibration. IOScope's measurement functions include frequency response magnitude and phase, coherence, group delay, impulse response, ETC, and auto/cross-correlation.

With IOScope, measure loudspeaker impedance, frequency response, and sensitivity. Measure a room impulse response. Tune a large sound reinforcement system, time-align a set of surround sound speakers, or optimize your home stereo. Determine the actual cutoff frequencies of your latest speaker crossover circuit, or teach your students the fundamentals of Fourier analysis of dynamic systems.

Input signals can be acquired from the current audio input path (the iPhone OS automatically selects the audio input path according to which external audio devices, if any, are connected to your device). Different engineering units, including Volts, Amps, pascals, g's, and ips (inches per second) can be assigned to input channels of the dock connector audio input or the headset input (not available on 1st generation iPod touch devices). Sensitivity calibration can also be performed for any audio input device or input channel.

In addition to real-time time/frequency response analysis, IOScope can store acquired data in tab-delimited text files, MAT-files, or images for later retrieval from your iPhone or iPod touch.

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